Important Media Ministry Tips.

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1. I keep several notebooks. One that is full of sermon ideas, create sermon titles, sketches for marketing designs (including t-shirt ideas and sketches for set designs) and one that is full of conference notes.
I carry a small notebook in my pocketbook because God sends me ideas at the strangest times (I saw a funny bumper sticker that will be a developed sermon idea one day).

2. There is no such thing as too smart! I thrive on seeing a commercial on television and trying to figure out how it was edited and how many layers it would take to create it. I subscribe to a lot of trade publications and, as strange as it sounds, I am a manual reader (even if it has 500 pages).

3. My biggest pet peeve, when it comes to media, is the concept of "use it, if you have it". The best way to kill the mood of a worship service is to swirl lights like a disco and have all 30 lights flashing at the same time...just because we have them...using hearts, stars or sheep falling from the sky editing transitions..just because we have them. Yes, I found out we had the sheep falling transition when I accidentally hit it in our main 11am service (plus it has a baaa sound effect).

More to come...


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