What a LONG day!

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Yesterday had to be the longest work day ever. The Torch hosted one of our local school's honors day. It's not like a typical honors day that I had growing up...seems now that everyone has to be included. The awards are crazy. When I was in school, perfect attendance was given to the student who had NEVER missed a day of school. Now they give 1 year, 2 years, 3 years...and on and on and on. They even had a speaker stand up and give out an award for being "a good helper". WHAT? Strange.

After two honor's day programs in the morning...we had to host a band concert that evening. I think that would be the hardest job on the planet to have to teach a beginning band class... I leave here sometimes with a splitting headache. Let us pray for all band directors!

Did anyone see the video announcements Sunday and notice what was written on the board behind everyone. Too funny! Here is a pic...


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