Jesus wears crocs!

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I am reading this incredible book that came highly recommended (thanks Ken) called "Pop Goes the Church" by Tim Stevens. In the Introduction it talks about how Jesus came to the world in first century Palestine and met the people where they were. He didn't wear "God-clothes, speak God-words, and expect the culture to connect."
I am one of those that believe that if Jesus physically entered America today, he would "be where the people are". He would hang out with normal people, go to the movies, own an ipod, wear crocs, and surf the internet so that he could better understand our culture. Don't you think that he would do anything (short of sin) to reach and connect with the non-believers! (That's why a mega church like Newspring have sets of music that aren't just written by Hillsong or Chris Tomlin)
What we have to do as a church is help the believers grow AND be attractive to the non-believers. And that is the challenge, how do we attract the non-believers? Make it appealing and relevant today...Churches are going to have to bring elements of pop culture into their services.


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