Parents Hang UP!

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I was leaving our church 4th of July family celebration on Friday night when I noticed something very disturbing on the playground. There were four children on the playground (little kids all under 5 or 6 years old) swinging and on the slides...alone. Yes, their parents were out there...but not really. Mom and Dad were too busy talking on their cell phones to play with their children. A family event with no connection of family. Very sad!

My son, who is 5, gave me a reality check several weeks back after I got finished with a very lengthy cell phone conversation with my mom in the car. After I hung up he said, "mom, why are you always on the phone and don't talk to me?". I was so ashamed and felt horrible. Now we sing and talk about what we have planned for the week or what he did at school. I want him to feel like he is my center of attention and the most important person in the world...because he is!


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