Media Nightmare

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Yesterday wasn't a very good day in the area of Media here at The Torch. We had some sort of strange power failure or surge in the middle of worship that killed everything media including all our stuff in the control room, as well as, lighting and audio in the sanctuary. Something happened between services and our master control computer decided it didn't want to do church at all Sunday PM. I did everything that I thought I knew what to do to get it up and going but the default settings made everyone look strange psychedelic colors (which I'm sure Eric would have liked cause it was keeping it new and different).
God hit me with a thought in the car this morning and I headed straight to the church to work on the computer. I spent about an hour with the computer and finally "life"! I was able to get it up and running and even learned a new trick while I was at it!
If it had been a MAC this wouldn't have happened! :)


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