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Last night, I got home from a two day staff retreat at the lake. I took a ton of pics but have been threatened with an inch of my life if I post them (sorry everyone). We had full days of meetings (boooo) and then we had the rest of the evening to spend "fun in the sun" with each other and our families. The main topic of discussion centered around the church vision. Where are we headed? What can we do to reach more unchurched people? What else do we need to be doing to fulfill our vision of "Connecting People with God and Others". We came up with a lot of great ideas on how to restructure things we are currently doing and evaluated areas that we need to expand our outreach. Personally, I am excited about the changes that are getting ready to take place in the media ministry!!!!
Monday night was awesome! We all stayed up LATE and played one of Eric's favorite card games called Mafia. Everyone got a card and were either a towns person, a cop or a mafia member. Mary Beth Thomas and I always seemed to be partners either taking out towns people or saving them as cops. It was a great time for us, as a staff, to get together and spend time getting to know each other outside of the office. It was a lot of fun!


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