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I know today, a tiny little bit, how Eric feels every service. It is really scary to stand up center stage in front of the church. I didn't realize how big the place really looks until you are looking out. Lots and lots of eyeballs looking back. :)

As part of the "Healer" song today, three of us came up during the bridge and gave our testimony of healing. For those who don't know, God healed me 2 years ago from degenerative disk disease in my back. It had gotten so bad that there were times when I had to physically crawl from room to room and I even lost mobility in my leg (had to drag it around when I walked). At 29, I the x-rays showed a spine of someone who was over twice my age. The doctors told me that my only real option would be surgery before I was 40 to fuse part of my lower spine. I knew that my only REAL option was to get on my face before God. I fasted and prayed...and God touched my back with complete healing. I was even told that I would never be able to have any more children due to the fact that the weight would be too great for my spine to handle. After my healing, God blessed me with a beautiful little girl...I didn't have a single back pain while I was pregnant. Praise God.


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