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On a rare occasion from time to time, I get to sit with my husband Mike in the sanctuary during service. Today started out that way. About 30 minutes into service I got a wave from Daniel (who was running camera at the time) to get upstairs quickly. I had noticed during service that there was a strange "blip" on just the side screens for about 1.5 seconds. It was only once so I assumed that someone had accidentally touched a cable that might have been loose or the hateful scan converter. As I sprinted up the stairs (in shoes that were not conducive to running), apparently the screens "blipped" again.
With the fear of messing with anything during service, I decided to check on it later. Come to find out, one of the master cables has a bad end on it and will have to be replaced (I'm glad that's all it was). I apologize to those in the sanctuary who were distracted from the message by the strange "green glowing blip" on the screen during 2nd service. That's technology for ya!
Also, the Worship video seemed to have gone over very well in the services this morning. I will post it on youtube closer to the end of the week so that those who missed it can enjoy it.


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